Kling, Alexander


Alexander Kling, son of Peter Kling, was born in the Volga German colony of Hoffental. He was the owner of a Singer sewing maching store in Pokrovsk (Engels).  As a member of the left wing of the Kadet Party, Kling was elected on 7 February 1907 as a deputy of the short-lived Second State Duma.  The Second Duma met from February 20 to June 3, 1907.  He was the only Volga German to serve in the Second Duma.  His ultimate fate is unknown.


Researched by Alexander Spak from the RGIA Archives. F. 1278. Op. 1 (2nd convocation). D, 198; D. 584. L. 29ob.

Volga Colonies: 

Alexander Kling.