Loor, Karl


Karl Loor, son of Karl Loor, was born in 1955 in the Kamerovo Oblast, an industrial region in southwest Siberia. His parents had been deported there from the Volga German colony of Zürich in 1941. In 1958, the family relocated to the Chelyabinsk Oblast in the Ural Mountains.

He was educated at the Magnitogorsk Metal Institute where he studied commercial and civil construction. He went to work in Stary Oskol in the Belgorod Oblast about 600 kilometers south of Moscow. In the 1990s, he founded a multifacited construction company of which he now serves as the chairman of the board and is the largest shareholder.

Mr. Loor is known as a philanthropist, having been a major contributor toward the construction of the monument to Soviet Germans that was constructed in Engels. He was also the primary contributor (as well as having his company manage the construction project) for the rebuilding of Christ Lutheran Church in the former colony of Zürich (today called Zorkino) where his parents had been baptized. It had been constructed in 1877, and the reconstruction followed the original blueprints very closely. It was rededicated on 3 October 2015.


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Karl Karlovich Loor
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Top image is of the ruins of the original church structure in Zürich. The lower image is of the reconstructed building at its rededication on 3 October 2015.
Source: RusDeutsch