Möllmann, Johann Friedrich


Johann Friedrich Möllmann ("Friedrich") served the congregation in Marienfeld (Caucasus) from 1883-1893 and the Dietel parish from 28 November 1893 to 1918. He became the emeritus pastor there and continued serving in Dietel as needed until 1927. In 1933 he was exiled to Siberia. As of 1936 he was living in he colony of Balzer.

He was born to Wilhelm Möllmann and Elisabeth Westerhoff on 22 August 1855 in Ringenberg b. Wesel (present day Germany). He entered the seminary in Basel (Switzerland) on 16 August 1877 and was ordained 31 August 1883 [some sources site 29 July 1883] in Gaildorf (Württemberg). He married Wilhelmine Choz. Their son is the Rev. Theophil Rudolf Möllmann.


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Volga Colonies: 

Pastor Johann Friedrich Möllman.
Source: Missionary Society in Basel, Switzerland via wolgadeutsche.ru