Schreiner, Bob


Wayne Robert "Bob" Schreiner, son of Gerard Joseph Schreiner & Marjorie Eleanor Matson, was born 25 December 1938 in Hays, Kansas.

Bob Schreiber spent his career in the Central Inteligence Agency (CIA) working for the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) [today the Open Source Center]. He served overseas in Austria, England, and Thailand. He served as director of the FBIS from 1990-1996.

The FBIS monitored, translated, and disseminated within the U.S. government openly available news and information from media sources outside the United States. It maintained approximately 20 monitoring stations worldwide. In November 2005, it was announced that FBIS would become the newly formed Open Source Center, tasked with the collection and analysis of publicly available intelligence.

Bob's Volga German ancestors came from the colony of Herzog.


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Bob Schreiner.
Source: Hays Post.