Weinmeister, Arnie


Arnold George Weinmeister, son of John Georg & Susanna Weinmeister, was born 23 March 1923 in Rhein, Saskatchewan, and grew up in Portland, Oregon.

After a college career at the University of Washington and a stint in the US Army, "Arnie" Weinmeister was a defensive tackle with the New York Yankees (1948-1949), the New York Giants (1950-1953), and the BC Lions (1954-1955).

In 1984, Arnie Weinmeister was elected to what today is called the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Arnie settled in Seattle where he was an organizer with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He also coached a local Seattle football team.

Arnie Weinmeister died in Seattle on 28 June 2000.

His Volga German ancestors came from the colonies of Dietel and Hussenbach.


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Arnie Weinmeister with the BC Lions (1954).
Source: Vancouver Public Library via Flickr Commons.