First Reformed Church - Flint

First Reformed Church was founded in Flint in July of 1919 by Volga German families from Huck, Messer, and Döhnof. They were soon joined by families from many other colonies. The Rev. John Schmalz was called as the congregations first pastor, and he arrived on 1 December 1919.

This congregation is now called Peace Presbyterian Church and is affiliated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


Corner of Buick and Gillespie Streets
Flint, Michigan

Pastors & Priests: 

The congregation of First Reformed Church was served by the following pastors:

John Schmalz (1919-1922)
Wilhelm Reitzer (1923-1937)
Albert Wienbrauck (1937-1958)
Albert Poole, Asst. (1957-1958)
Arthur C. Kroehler (1959-)
David A. Galbraith

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First Reformed Church (1919).
Source: Congregational Website

Founding members of First Reformed Church (1929). Clockwise, from top left: Jacob Schlothauer, Conrad Heidel, Conrad Koch, Rev. Wm. Reitzer, and John Schneider.
Source: Congregational Website

Brotherhood Band of First Reformed Church (1940s).
Source: Congregational Website