Hope Reformed Church - Sutton

The Hope Reformed Church of Sutton, Nebraska, was organized in 1908 by 72 families which withdrew from the Emmanual Reformed Church of Sutton. The Hope Church was known originally as the Free German Reformed Hope Church.

In 1909, the congregation built two church buildings, one in Sutton and one six and a half miles northwest of town. Morning services were held in Sutton and afternoon or evening services in the country church. Around 1925 the country services were discontinued and the building and grounds sold.

All church services were conducted in the German language until 1934 when English services began to be held. By the 1960s German was used only at one evening service per month.

Until 1937 the Hope Church was a "free" church, not attached to any church association. Between 1937-1942, it was a member of the Nebraska Classis of the Synod of the Northwest. In 1945 the Church joined the Eureka Classis of the Reformed Church of the United States. The church name was changed to the Hope Reformed Church of Sutton in 1946.


311 E. Hickory St.
Sutton, NE 68979

Pastors & Priests: 

The following pastors have served Hope Reformed Church:

Ulrich Zogg
Peter Grossmann
Scott Henry

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Hope Reformed Church
Sutton, Nebraska
Source: Congregation's Facebook Page