St. Anthony's Catholic Parish - Schoenchen

The parish in Schoenchen was named St. Anthony's after patron saint of the church in Neu-Ober-Monjou, the colony in Russia from which a number of members of the new town had immigrated.
The settlers built their first small stone church in 1880, but it was abandonded when the foundation settled badly after a heavy rain. A new frame structure was built in 1881. In order to serve the growing congregation, a new stone structure was begun on 18 April 1900 that stands today. It was dedicated 13 June 1901. Pastor Emmeram Kausler, who had been a stonemason in his youth, was the designer and builder of this facilty.

Pastors & Priests: 

The following priests have served the parish of St. Anthony's:

Valentine Sommereisen (1877)
Anastasius Mueller (1878-1880)
James Muench (1881-1882)
Andrew Eisenhut (1883)
Joseph Hardes (1884)
Ph. Brockard (1885)
W. Bitter (1885-1887)
K.T. Withopf (1887-1888)
Jos. B. Disselkamp (1888-1889)
F.J. Hartmann (1889-1891)
John M. Sklenar (1891-1893)
A.J. Abel (1893-1895)
B. Schroeder (1895-1899)
Richard Dei (1899)
Emmeram Kausler (1899-1900)
Michael Neff (1901-1903)
Theodore Mullan (1903-1904)
Michael Neff (1904-1906)
Chas. Mening (1906-?)

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