Valley Lutheran Church - Denver

The first worship service of what would eventually become Valley Lutheran Church was held in the Westminster Elementary School on 6 October 1957.  The congregation was officially organized on 5 January 1958 with 117 attending the worship service and 45 founding members. It was affiliated wih the American Lutheran Church (ALC).

The new church building was dedicated on 15 February 1959.  This building evenually became the fellowship hall when a new sanctuary was dedicated on 24 January 1965.

Many Volga German families in west Denver and the western suburbs attended Valley Lutheran Church in Denver. The congregation was disolved in 2008.


7375 Samuel Dr.
Denver, CO 80221

Pastors & Priests: 

The following pastors served the congregation of Valley Lutheran Church:

- Alfred K. Woelber (1957-1963)
- James W. L. Keller (1963-1971)
- Dennis H. Dickman (1971-1975)
- Herbert E. Meyer (1975-1979)
- Art Nickel, interim (1979-1980)
- Mark A. Olson (1980-)
- Paul Kuhlmann
- Terry Pletkovich


- Valley Lutheran, 1957-1982 (25th Anniversary history book)