This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Names See
Маенгейм (Daughter Colonies) Maienheim
Маенгейм (Daughter Colonies) Mannheim
Маинское (Daughter Colonies) Mannheim
Майдорф (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Майерхефер (Original Colonies) Galka
Майнгардт (Original Colonies) Meinhard
Макаровка (Original Colonies) Merkel
Мангейм (Daughter Colonies) Mannheim
Мановка (Daughter Colonies) Mannheim
Мариенберг (Daughter Colonies) Marienberg
Мариенбург (Daughter Colonies) Marienburg
Мариенталь (Original Colonies) Mariental
Мариенталь-Дубовой (Original Colonies) Mariental
Мариенфельд (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Мариинское (Original Colonies) Zug
Мариновка (Daughter Colonies) Marienburg
Маркс (Original Colonies) Katharinenstadt
Марксштадт (Original Colonies) Katharinenstadt
Мартишка (Daughter Colonies) Sichelberg
Марцово (Daughter Colonies) Rosendamm
Марьевка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Марьино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Марьяновка, Алтайский край (Siberia) (Russia) Maryanovka, Altai Krai (Siberia)
Медведицкий Буерак (Original Colonies) Frank
Медведицкий Крестовый Буерак (Original Colonies) Frank
Мейнгардт (Original Colonies) Meinhard
Меловатка, Волгоградской области (Russia) Melovatka, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Меркель (Original Colonies) Merkel
Мессер (Original Colonies) Messer
Мечетная (Original Colonies) Louis
Микояна, Азовский район, Ростовская область (Russia) Olgenfeld, Azov District, Rostov Oblast, Russia
Миллер (Original Colonies) Müller
Миллерсфельд (Daughter Colonies) Müllersfeld
Мирная Долина, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Friedenstal, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Мирное (Daughter Colonies) Friedenberg
Мирный (Daughter Colonies) Huckertal
Мительдорф (Daughter Colonies) Mitteldorf
Михайловка (Original Colonies) Luzern
Михаэлис (Original Colonies) Schaffhausen
Михельсталь, Ейский район, Краснодарский край (Russia) Michaelstal, Eisk District, Krasnodarsk Krai (North Caucasus)
Мойынкум, Мойынкумский район, Жамбылская область (Kazakhstan) Furmanovka, Moinkumskaya District, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan
Мойынкум, Шуский район, Жамбылская область (Kazakhstan) Moinkum, Shuskaya District, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan
Мокрая Маянга (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (3)
Мокроус (Daughter Colonies) Schönfeld
Монингер (Original Colonies) Dobrinka
Моор (Daughter Colonies) Gnadenfeld
Моор (Original Colonies) Moor
Моор (Wiesenseite) (Daughter Colonies) Moor (Wiesenseite)
Моргентау (Daughter Colonies) Morgentau
Мортяжка (Daughter Colonies) Sichelberg
Морцово (Daughter Colonies) Rosendamm
Морцы (Daughter Colonies) Rosendamm
Москва, Россия (Russia) Moscow, Russia
Мюллер (Original Colonies) Müller
Мюллердорф (Daughter Colonies) Müllerdorf
Мюльберг (Original Colonies) Shcherbakovka
Мясосовхоз № 102 (Daughter Colonies) Ebenfeld