This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Надеждовка, Исилькулский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Hoffnungstal, Isilkulsk District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Нахой (Daughter Colonies) Gnadendorf
Нахой (Daughter Colonies) Weizenfeld
Небендорф (Original Colonies) Pobochnaya
Невель, Псковская область, Россия (Russia) Nevel, Pskov Oblast, Russia
Ней-Авилово (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Ней-Бальцер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Ней-Бауер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Bauer
Ней-Бауэр (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Bauer
Ней-Бейдек (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Beideck
Ней-Блюменталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Brunnental
Ней-Боаро (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Ней-Брабант (Original Colonies) Kukkus
Ней-Брунненталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Brunnental
Ней-Вальтер (Daughter Colonies) Klein-Walter
Ней-Вальтер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Walter
Ней-Варенбург (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ней-Веймар (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Weimar
Ней-Галка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Galka
Ней-Гейм (Daughter Colonies) Neuheim
Ней-Гололобовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Ней-Гуссенбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Hussenbach
Ней-Денгоф (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Ней-Дорф (2) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (2)
Ней-Дорф (3) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (3)
Ней-Иост (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Jost
Ней-Кано (Daughter Colonies) Kana
Ней-Колония (Original Colonies) Neu-Kolonie
Ней-Крафт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Kraft
Ней-Кривовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ней-Лауб (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Липперт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Lippert
Ней-Ляуб (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Мариенбург (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Marienburg
Ней-Мариенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ней-Мейер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Messer
Ней-Мессер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Messer
Ней-Миллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller (Wiesenseite)
Ней-Миллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Ней-Моор (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Moor
Ней-Мюле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller (Wiesenseite)
Ней-Мюллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Ней-Мюллер (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Ней-Норка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Norka
Ней-Обермонжу (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ней-Орловское (Daughter Colonies) Lilienfeld
Ней-Панцырь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Ней-Привальное) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ней-Пфанненштиль (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ней-Рейнгард (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Reinhard
Ней-Рейнгардт (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Reinhard
Ней-Розенгейм (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosenheim
Ней-Розендамм (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosendamm
Ней-Розенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Rosental
Ней-Саратовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Ней-Семеновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Semenovka
Ней-Скатовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Ней-Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schilling
Ней-Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Ней-Тарлык (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Ней-Унтервальден (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Unterwalden
Ней-Урбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Ней-Франк (Daughter Colonies) Frank Khutor
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Unterwalden
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Ней-Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (1)
Ней-Шенталь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schöntal
Ней-Шенфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schönfeld
Ней-Шефер (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Ней-Шиллинг (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schilling
Ней-Шиллинг (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Ней-Штрауб (2) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (2)
Ней-Шульц (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schulz
Ней-Эренфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ährenfeld
Ней-Ягодная (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Yagodnaya-Polyana
Нейгейм (Daughter Colonies) Neuheim
Нейдорф (1) (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Нейдорф, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Novinka, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Нейдорф-Финк (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Нейе Мюле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Нейе-Милле (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 2 (Bergseite)
Нейендорф (Original Colonies) Hölzel
Нейер-Дамм (Daughter Colonies) Neuer-Damm
Нейланд (Daughter Colonies) Neuland
Нейман (Original Colonies) Kutter
Нейфельд (Daughter Colonies) Neufeld
Некрасово (Original Colonies) Norka
Немецкая Даниловка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Müller - 1 (Bergseite)
Немецкая Нижняя Добринка (Original Colonies) Dobrinka
Немецкая Щербаковка (Original Colonies) Shcherbakovka
Нестеровка (Daughter Colonies) Morgentau
Ниденс (Daughter Colonies) Niedens
Нидермонжу (Original Colonies) Nieder-Monjou
Нижняя Добринка (Original Colonies) Dobrinka
Нижняя Колония (Daughter Colonies) Unterdorf
Нижняя Кулалинка (Original Colonies) Galka
Николаевка, Алтайский край (Siberia) (Russia) Nikolaevka, Altai Krai (Siberia)
Николаевск, Костанайская область (Kazakhstan) Kostanai, Kostanai Oblast, Kazakhstan
Николаевское (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Авилова (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Ванцовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Weimar
Новая Галка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Galka
Новая Гололобовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Новая Жизнь. (Daughter Colonies) Brunnenzug
Новая Иванцовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Weimar
Новая Николаевка (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новая Норка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Norka
Новая Поповка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Jost
Новая Скатовка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Новая Сосновка (Daughter Colonies) Alexandertal
Новинка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Новинка, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Novinka, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Ново-Антоновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Ново-Дубовой (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Mariental
Ново-Зоркино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Ново-Зоркино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (1)
Ново-Каменка (Daughter Colonies) Streckerau
Ново-Каменка (Mennonite Colonies) Hahnsau
Ново-Кривовское (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Ober-Monjou
Ново-Липовка (Daughter Colonies) Fresental
Ново-Николаевск, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Blumenfeld, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Ново-Полеводино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (1)
Ново-Привальное (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ново-Привольное (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Warenburg
Ново-Семеновка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Semenovka
Ново-Ягодная (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Yagodnaya-Polyana
Новое (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dönhof
Новое Боаро (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Новое Бордовое (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Boisroux
Новое Кано (Daughter Colonies) Kana
Новолипов Кут (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Новополеводино (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (3)
Новотроицкое, Чуйский район, Жамбылской области (Kazakhstan) Novotroitzkoye, Chui District, Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan
Новые Ямы (Daughter Colonies) Strassendorf
Новый (Daughter Colonies) Marienfeld
Новый Колонок (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Новый Колонок (Original Colonies) Neu-Kolonie
Новый Панцырь (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Balzer
Новый Путь (Daughter Colonies) Bauergraben
Новый Тарлык (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Laub
Новый Урбах (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Urbach
Новый Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Zürich (2)
Норка (Original Colonies) Norka
Норки (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Yeruslan)
Нур-Атинск, Нуратинский Район, Навоийская Область (Uzbekistan) Nur-Atinsk, Nuratin District, Navoi Region, Uzbekistan
Нурата, Нуратинский Район, Навоийская Область (Uzbekistan) Nur-Atinsk, Nuratin District, Navoi Region, Uzbekistan