This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Names See
Равнополье (Daughter Colonies) Kippel
Раздолина, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Rosental, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Раскатово (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Раскаты (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Растригин Хутор (Daughter Colonies) Wiesenfeld
Резовка (Original Colonies) Leichtling
Рейнвальд (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Рейнгардт (Original Colonies) Reinhard
Рейнгольд (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Рейнишфельд (Samara ColoniesRussia) Reinsfeld
Рейнсфельд, (Samara ColoniesRussia) Reinsfeld
Ременниково (Daughter Colonies) Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Реммлер (Original Colonies) Luzern
Репное (Daughter Colonies) Schöndorf
Ретлинг (Original Colonies) Semenovka
Рига (Daughter Colonies) Riga
Ровное (Original Colonies) Seelmann
Роза-Долина, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Rosental, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Розенберг (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Bergseite)
Розенберг (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Wiesenseite)
Розенберг Xутор (Daughter Colonies) Rosenberg (Wiesenseite)
Розенгейм (Original Colonies) Rosenheim
Розендамм (Daughter Colonies) Rosendamm
Розенталь (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (am Yeruslan)
Розенталь (Mennonite) (Mennonite Colonies) Rosental (Mennonite)
Розенталь, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Rosental, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Розенфельд (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Yeruslan)
Розенфельд (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Nakhoi)
Розовка (Daughter Colonies) Rosental (am Yeruslan)
Розовка, Исилькулский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Rosenfeld, Isilkulsk District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Розовое (Daughter Colonies) Gnadendorf
Розовое (Daughter Colonies) Rosenfeld (am Nakhoi)
Розодолина, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Rosental, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Роледер (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Ролендер (Original Colonies) Rohleder
Ромашки (Daughter Colonies) Straßburg
Росное (Daughter Colonies) Gnadentau
Россоша (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Россоши (Original Colonies) Franzosen
Ротгаммель (Original Colonies) Rothammel
Ротер Штерн (Daughter Colonies) Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Рубцовск, Рубцо́вский райо́н, Алтайский край (Siberia) (Russia) Rubtsovsk, Rubtsovsk District, Altai Krai (Siberia)
Руссенгрунд (Daughter Colonies) Grundt
Рыбное, Воронежская область (Russia) Riebensdorf, Voronezh Oblast, Russia