This is a gazetteer of the geographic locations that are important to the history of the Volga Germans worldwide. It is intended to help researchers identify a locale regardless of the names by which it has been known throughout the years.

Most of the settlements in Russia have been known by a variety of names in both the Russian and German languages, and these names have had a variety of spellings throughout the years. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while German uses the Latin alphabet. Translation/transliteration between these two alphabets is further complicated by the fact that today there are at least five primary languages spoken by the Volga Germans and their descendants: German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While the primary language of this website is English, it is hoped that this gazetteer will be useful in all languages.

Full Gazetteer:

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Names See
Сабуровка (Daughter Colonies) Strassenfeld
Садовое (Original Colonies) Anton
Самара, Самарская область (Russia) Samara, Samara Oblast, Russia
Самарский, Азовский район, Ростовская область (Russia) Dreiling Khutor, Azov District, Rostov Oblast, Russia
Саратов (Russia) Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Саратовский (Daughter Colonies) Bergtal
Сарепта (Russia) Sarepta, Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Сатино (Daughter Colonies) Neufeld
Свердлово (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Walter
Свердловск, Свердловская Oбласть (Russia) Yekatrinburg, Sverdlovsk Region (Siberia)
Севастьяновка (Original Colonies) Anton
Семёновка (Original Colonies) Semenovka
Семёновка, Алтайский край (Siberia) (Russia) Semyonovka, Altai Krai (Siberia)
Сердинский (Original Colonies) Biberstein
Серпогорское (Daughter Colonies) Sichelberg
Скатовка (Daughter Colonies) Eckheim
Скатовка (Original Colonies) Straub
Скатовка Новая (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Straub (1)
Скрипалевка (Daughter Colonies) Josefstal
Скрипалево (Daughter Colonies) Josefstal
Славянка. (Daughter Colonies) Brunnenfeld (1)
Смородинка, Енисейский район, Красноярский край (Siberia) (Russia) Smorodinka, Yeniseysk District, Krasnoyarsk Krai (Siberia)
Собачий Колонок (Daughter Colonies) Gnadentau
Совeтск, Калининградская область (Russia) Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia
Советское (Original Colonies) Mariental
Солгон, Ужурский район, Красноярский край (Siberia) (Russia) Solgon, Uzhursk District, Krasnoyarsk Krai (Siberia)
Соленая Куба (Daughter Colonies) Kana
Солянка (Daughter Colonies) Frankreich
Солянка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Bauer
Солянка (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Dorf (2)
Сосновка (Сузанненталь) (Original Colonies) Susannental
Сосновка (Шиллинг) (Original Colonies) Schilling
Сосновка, Азовский район, Омская область (Siberia) (Russia) Schilling, Azov District, Omsk Oblast (Siberia)
Спартак (Daughter ColoniesRussia) Spartak
Сплавнуха (Original Colonies) Huck
Средне Колонок (Original Colonies) Pobochnaya
Сталинград (Russia) Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Стальский (Original Colonies) Stahl am Karaman
Станции Урбах (Daughter Colonies) Urbach (Wiesenseite)
Старая Ванцовка (Daughter Colonies) Weimar
Старая Гололобовка (Original Colonies) Dönhof
Старая Иванцовка (Daughter Colonies) Weimar
Старая Норка (Original Colonies) Norka
Старица (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Старицкое (Original Colonies) Reinwald
Старо-Липпертский (Daughter Colonies) Blumenfeld (am Mius)
Старо-Полеводин (Daughter Colonies) Annenfeld
Старо-Полеводинский (Daughter Colonies) Annenfeld
Старые Ямы (Daughter Colonies) Katharinental
Старый (Daughter Colonies) Blumenfeld (am Mius)
Старый Цюрих (Daughter Colonies) Alt-Zürich
Стаханово (Daughter Colonies) Alt-Zürich
Степановка (Daughter Colonies) Gattung (2)
Степное (Daughter Colonies) Neu-Schulz
Степное (Original Colonies) Stahl am Tarlyk
Степное (former Луй) (Original Colonies) Louis
Степное, Азовский район, Ростовская область (Russia) Dreiling Khutor, Azov District, Rostov Oblast, Russia
Стефан (Original Colonies) Stephan
Страсбург (Daughter Colonies) Straßburg
Суетиновка (Daughter Colonies) Morgentau
Сузанненталь (Original Colonies) Susannental
Сурки (Mennonite Colonies) Köppental (Mennonite)
Сусанненталь (Original Colonies) Susannental
Суслы (Original Colonies) Herzog
Суходольное (Mennonite Colonies) Fresenheim