Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta

The first group of German-speaking immigrants arrived in Calgary in 1892 from Yagodnaya Polyana having gone to Endicott, Washington, first. Another group of Volga Germans arrived around the turn of the century from Alexanderdorf (Caucasus), where their ancestors had moved several decades earlier. They settled in an area northeast of downtown Calgary that became known as Riverside but was called Germantown during the early settlement years. This area was annexed to the city of Calgary in 1910.

Volga German Families: 

The following families are know to have immigrated to Calgary:

Abt from Brabander
Deines from Norka
Geier from Yagodnaya Polyana
Gerlitz from Yagodnaya Polyana
Kromm from Yagodnaya Polyana
Litzenberger from Yagodnaya Polyana
Luft from Yagodnaya Polyana
Morasch from Yagodnaya Polyana
Poffenroth from Yagodnaya Polyana
Repp from Yagodnaya Polyana
Rolheiser from Schuck
Schewalje from Brabander
Schneidmüller from Yagodnaya Polyana
Schulmeister from Kamenka
Sieben from Volmer
Wittig from Pobochnaya


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Pre-Volga Origin

View of Germantown looking east towards Calgary; the Langevin Bridge connecting the village to the rest of Calgary (ca. 1900)
Source: "Calgary, Then and Now," p. 113.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.850000
Longitude: 7.866667
Latitude: 50.369667
Longitude: 9.037025
Latitude: 50.417664
Longitude: 9.098934
Latitude: 50.655278
Longitude: 9.260278
Latitude: 50.393810
Longitude: 9.018135
Latitude: 50.501985
Longitude: 9.123418
Latitude: 50.338502
Longitude: 8.254690
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 50.426028
Longitude: 8.864802