Barnaul, Altai Krai (Siberia)

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Barnaul, Altai Krai (Siberia)
Барнау́л, Алта́йский край (Siberia)

Barnaul is the administrative center of the Altai Krai [Altai Territory] which had been created in 1937. In the years following the 1941 Deportation of the Volga Germans, many Volga German families moved from the rural settlements in the Altai Krai into the city of Barnaul.

During World War II, more than half of the light ammunition used by the Soviet Army was manufactured in Barnaul in factories that had been relocated there from Moscow, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Odessa, and Kharkov following the invasion of the Nazis.

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Pre-Volga Origin

Barnaul street scene.
Source: Marina Webber.

Panorama of Barnaul (2007).
Source: Russian Wikipedia.