Bethel, Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)

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Bethel, Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)
Бетель, Ставропольский край
Иващенский, Ставропольский край
Беттель, Ставропольский край

Bethel was founded in 1879 along the right bank of the Big Kugulta [Бол. Кугульта] River about 70 kilometers northeast of Stavropol.

The original families that settled in Bethel came directly from Prussia. They were joined by Black Sea and Volga German colonists resettling from the Kherson, Taurida, and Samara Provinces and Bessarabia.

During the Russian Civil War (1917) the village was badly damaged by fire and many families fled to the colonies of the northern Black Sea region.

In 1941, the remaining German inhabitants of Bethel were deported to Asiatic Russia.

The following famlies are reported by Heinrich Reichert to have been living in Bethel:

Weizel, H.
Laas, Geo.
Laas, Heinr.
Mohn, Wilh.
Mohn, Joh.
Schneider, Wilh.
Kirchhöfer, M.
Haubrich, Wilh.
Kirchhöfer, Joh.
Haubrich, Karl
Haubrich, Fr.
Betz, Joh.
Knauz, Wilh.
Kirchhöfer, Ad.
Schmidt, Fr.
Mohn, Emil
Schmidt, Rich.
Mohn, Rich.
Haubrich, Theod.
Rink, Erh.
Baierbach, E.
Kirchhöfer, Erh.
Mohn, Heinr.
Kirchhöfer, H.
Schneider, Fr.
Mohn, Friedr.
Knauz, Chr.
Schmidt, Ew.
Kirchhöfer, G.
Mohn, Rob.
Rink, Georg
Rutkowski, Wilh.
Roth, Chr.
Kirchhöfer, P.
Betz, Georg
Renich, Jak.
Rink, Heinr.
Rink, Reinh.
Rink, Dav.
Betz, Jakob
Schneider, Wilh.
Kirchhöfer, Heinr.
Schmidt, Emil


1879 13      
1897   85    
1918   180
1920   190

*Of whom 181 were German.

Volga German Congregations: 

In the early 1880s, a Lutheran Bethaus (combination church/school building) was constructed in Bethel.


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Pre-Volga Origin

Map from 1903 showing the location of Bethel.
Source: Дорожная карта Кавказского края 1903 года.

Map of Bethel from 1930.