Blumental, Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)

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Blumental, Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)
Блюменфельд, Ставропольский край
Blumenfeld,Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)
Блюменталь, Ставропольский край
Хубияровка, Ставропольский край
Khubiyarovka, Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus)

Blumental (also called Blumenfeld) first appears on a 1873 list of populated places in the Stavropol district, located adjacent to a village of the landowner Zolotarev. [The colony of Friedrichsfeld was founded on Zolotarev's land in 1884).

It was located on the right bank of the Big Kugulta [Бол. Кугульта] River about 80 kilometers northeast of Stavropol.

There are a couple of recorded versions of the estabishment of Blumental.

(1) In the list of colonies, settlements and individual farms of German colonists located in the Stavropol province (according to the census of 1916-1917), there is information about the purchase of land for the establishment of the Blumenthal colony [in the source it is listed as the “Khubiyarovskaya colony”] by the “[German] partnership from the landowner Khubiarov on 10 February 1896, with the assistance of the Don Land Bank, where the land was mortgaged by Khubiarov for 58,000 rubles.

(2) Other sources record this plot, which included 1,500 desyatins of arable land was acquired by the Nakhichevan tradesman Vasily Yegorovich Khubiyarov on 30 October 1873 from Colonel Ivashchenko who had previously rented out his allotment to "temporarily settled" Germans who in the early 1870s created a colony of 27 families 150 sazhens from the right bank of the Bolshaya Kugulta River.

Consequently, on many maps Blumental is recorded as Khubiyarovka.

In 1941, all Germans living in Blumental were deported to Asiatic Russia.

A list of those living in the village of Blumental has been located by Heinrich Reichert:

Roth, Joh.
Ney, Reinh.
Ney, Roge
Bachmann, J.
Meyer, Go.
Wiggr, Es.
Propp, Jak.
Schilling, Gottl.
Frank, Alex
Wiest, Konr.
Knodel, Chr.
Kary, Sam.
Wolf, Raph.
Lake, Lid.
Wolf, Joh.
Kary, Reinh.
Kary, Roch.
Kary, Jos.
Kary, Joh. (oder Jon., ist schlecht zu lesen)
Jakober, Fr.
Metzker, Mich.
Jakober, Jak.
Roth, Reinh.
Roth, Joh.
Roth, Heinr.
Schubert, Joh.
Schubert, Alb. or Alw.
Wüst, Joh.
Wüst, Joh. (S)
Wolf, Peter
Ackermann, J.
Decker, Kon.
Decker, Jos.
Rohländer, E.
Kary, Joh.
Meyer, Pet.
Krause, Joh.
Schubert, Gus.
Heinrich (from Norka)
Meyer, Karl.
Schubert, Fr.
Krauss, Georg
Schubert, Pet.
Kary, Joh.
Schubert, Jak.
Mittleider, Jak.
Reichert, Dav.
Schubert, Ag.
Schmidt, H.
Grenz, Joh.
Grenz, Jak.
Grenz, Sam.
Wolf, Mich.
Paul, Franz
Paul, Jak.
Kary, Raph.
Kary, Heinr.
Holembowski, St.
Koth, Joh.
Rothmann, Joh.
Rothmann, Heinr.
Meyer, Ed.
Kolmayer, Kon.
Mittleider, Ad.
Mittleider, Fr.
Mittleider ,Joh.
Bachmann, Sam.
Ackermann, H.
Ackermann, Pet.
Ackermann, H.
Knaus, Emil
Roth, Friedr.
Sawal, Joh.
Grenz, Rob.
Salewski, Eman.
Meyer, Felix
Stoll, Rob.
Meyer, Joh.
Meyer, Alb.
Meyer, Eman.
Schubert, Gottl.
Meyer, Jak.
Decker, Chr.
Reichert, Emil
Wolf, Emil
Wolf, Reim.
Koth, Karl
Koth, Eman.
Schilling, Geo.
Klein, Jos.
Jakober, Jak.
Meyer, Jos.
Kary, Jos.
Schmidt, Joh.
Rohländer, Fr.
Holembowski, St.
Roth, Sam.
Kary, Mich.
Decker, Pet.


1873 39 245    
1909 35 315    

*Of whom 429 were German.

Volga German Congregations: 

The first settlers of Blumental were Lutheran.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in Blumental:

Heinrich from Norka

Volga Colonies: 

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Pre-Volga Origin

Map showing the colonies of Blumental and Martinsfeld (1874).
Source: Russian Wikipedia.

1930 Map of Blumental/Blumenfeld.

Volga Colonies