Vizhai, Ivdel District, Sverdlovskaya Oblast (Siberia)

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Вижай, Ивдель район, Свердловская область
Vizhai, Ivdel District, Sverdlovskskaya Oblast (Siberia)
Wischaj, Iwdel District, Swerdlowskaja Oblast (Siberia)

Volga German families settled in Vishai following the 1941 Deportation.

The fillage was badly damaged by fire in May 1991. On 11 August 2010, additional forest fires destroyed all but one home in the village. That home was removed by governmental officials and further settlement there was forbidden by government order. Nevertheless, several former residents have returned and built houses there (as evidenced by the photo).

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in Vizhai:

Spät from Bangert

Volga Colonies: 

Pre-Volga Origin

Aerial panorama of Vizhai (2020).

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.380833
Longitude: 8.316944