Windsor, Weld Co., Colorado

Windsor, Weld Co., Colorado

In 1904, a large group of Volga Germans from Dönhof settled in Windsor. By the 1930s Windsor had become a large Volga German settlement with over 900 families. Most of the families worked around the farming of sugar beets.

Volga German Congregations: 

Faith United Church of Christ
St. John Lutheran Church
Windsor Evangelical Congregational Church
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Zion United Church of Christ

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Windsor:

Bender from Kratzke
Erbes from Dönhof
Helzer from Norka
Hergert from Erlenbach
Margheim from Merkel
Scheller from Dönhof
Schimpf from Oberdorf
Schlitt from Norka
Steinbrecher from Dönhof
Traudt from Norka
Winter from Wiesenfeld


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Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.400833
Longitude: 9.239167
Latitude: 51.105556
Longitude: 14.572220
Latitude: 49.292500
Longitude: 6.535000
Latitude: 50.386111
Longitude: 9.296944
Latitude: 50.199722
Longitude: 9.111389
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.824444
Longitude: 8.846458
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.714861
Longitude: 8.839583
Latitude: 50.273889
Longitude: 9.095000
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.509595
Longitude: 8.179546
Latitude: 49.874969
Longitude: 8.826425
Latitude: 50.362683
Longitude: 9.143540
Latitude: 48.666384
Longitude: 7.940175
Latitude: 49.296140
Longitude: 8.503525