McCracken, Rush Co., Kansas

McCracken, Rush Co., Kansas

McCracken was founded in 1886 as the railroad extended westward. It was named for J. K. McCracken, an employee of the railroad.

Many Volga German families have moved to McCracken and the surrounding area.

Volga German Congregations: 

The first St. Mary's Church building was constructed in 1886 southwest of McCracken. The original wood structure was replaced with a stone building on the same location in 1906. On 7 July 1922, work was begun on the basement and foundation of the present St. Mary's Catholic Church using stone from the old church. The building was completed in May of 1926. In 1997, following restructuring of the Liebenthal, McCracken, and Timken churches, Mass was no longer held on a regular basis in McCracken. Members of the parish formed the Saint Mary's McCracken Heritage Association in effort to preserve the beautiful building. Currently the building is used for special occasions and services.


St. Mary's McCracken Heritage Association (Rush County Historical Society)


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Pre-Volga Origin

St. Mary's Catholic Church, McCracken, Kansas.
Source: Rush County Historical Society.

Latitude: 49.292500
Longitude: 6.535000