Bad Kissingen, Kr. Bad Kissingen, Bayern

In 1883, the village of Kissingen was officially designated as a resort spa and became Bad Kissingen. It is 25 kilometers north of Würzburg and has historically been part of the Bishopric of Würzburg.

Bad Kissingen, Kr. Bad Kissingen, Bayern
Kissingen, Kr. Bad Kissingen, Bayern

Panorama of Bad Kissingen from the Bodenlaube ruins (2005).
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Mariental
Latitude: 51.442000
Longitude: 46.739333
Title: Liebental
Latitude: 51.297500
Longitude: 46.861333
Title: Seelmann
Latitude: 50.775000
Longitude: 46.053833
Title: Kamenka
Latitude: 50.693333
Longitude: 45.424667
Title: Graf
Latitude: 51.484500
Longitude: 46.664833
Title: Göbel
Latitude: 50.476667
Longitude: 45.425000
Title: Josefstal
Latitude: 50.284333
Longitude: 45.084833