Lindenstruth, Kr. Gießen, Hessen

Lindenstruth is a small village just outside Reiskirchen, east of Gießen in the German State of Hessen. Today, it is administratively part of the municipality of Reiskirchen.


The Gothic-style Evangelical Church in Lindenstruth dates back to 1370. The nave was extended in 1740-1741 and a renovation at the time gave it a definitive Baroque form. A renovation in 1912 uncovered former paintings and inscriptions which were restored. The current interior dates back to a renovation completed in the 1950s, and this renovation destroyed the paintings and inscriptions.

Lindenstruth, Kr. Gießen, Hessen

Church in Lindenstruth (2023).
Source: Shandi Stallman.

Modern interior of the church in Lindenstruth (2014).
Source: Jörg R. Becker via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Dönhof
Latitude: 51.005833
Longitude: 45.466667
Title: Norka
Latitude: 51.165000
Longitude: 45.313333
Title: Franzosen
Latitude: 50.789167
Longitude: 45.481667
Latitude: 50.288667
Longitude: 45.348333
Title: Neu-Dönhof
Latitude: 51.021000
Longitude: 45.135833
Title: Kratzke
Latitude: 50.877000
Longitude: 45.227333
Title: Ährenfeld
Latitude: 50.726833
Longitude: 47.050167
Title: Hussenbach
Latitude: 50.886667
Longitude: 44.830000
Title: Frank
Latitude: 51.083333
Longitude: 44.816667
Title: Kolb
Latitude: 51.067667
Longitude: 44.958333
Title: Dietel
Latitude: 50.898333
Longitude: 45.170000