München (Stadt), Bayern

München is located in the German State of Bayern (Bavaria). It is known as Munich in English.

München (Stadt), Bayern

Historical map of Munich in 1642.
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Schäfer
Latitude: 51.530196
Longitude: 46.614074
Title: Graf
Latitude: 51.484500
Longitude: 46.664833
Title: Zug
Latitude: 51.856500
Longitude: 47.059333
Title: Köhler
Latitude: 50.569500
Longitude: 45.383500
Title: Marienfeld
Latitude: 50.196667
Longitude: 45.098333
Title: Keller
Latitude: 50.816667
Longitude: 46.133333