Michelbach (Alzenau), Kr. Aschaffenburg, Bayern

After many years of conflict, the territory in which Michelbach is located fell to the Electorate of Mainz (German = Kurmainz) in 1748. Today, Michelbach is administratively part of the municipality of Alzenau, east of Hanau, in the German State of Bayern (Bavaria).

Michelbach (Alzenau), Kr. Aschaffenburg, Bayern

Village church of St. Laurentius in Michelbach (2012).
Source: Hans Schneider via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Warenburg
Latitude: 50.926667
Longitude: 46.076000
Title: Semenovka
Latitude: 50.487500
Longitude: 45.321944