Ulm, Kr. Lahn-Dill, Hessen

Today, Ulm is administratively part of the municipality of Greifenstein. It is located about 20 kilometers northwest of Braunfels.

Ulm, Kr. Lahn-Dill, Hessen

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Kukkus
Latitude: 51.090667
Longitude: 45.950167
Title: Schwed
Latitude: 51.613500
Longitude: 46.499167
Title: Messer
Latitude: 50.974667
Longitude: 45.551333
Title: Kratzke
Latitude: 50.877000
Longitude: 45.227333
Title: Merkel
Latitude: 50.883333
Longitude: 45.287167
Title: Hussenbach
Latitude: 50.886667
Longitude: 44.830000