Wiesbaden (Stadt), Hessen

In the 1170s, the region that included Wiesbaden came under the control of the House of Nassau and remained there (in various configurations) until after the disolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1805. Today, Wiesbaden is a major metropolitan area in the German State of Hessen.

Wiesbaden (Stadt), Hessen

Ariel view of Wiesbaden (2008).
Source: Wolfgang Pehlemann.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Kratzke
Latitude: 50.877000
Longitude: 45.227333
Latitude: 51.712816
Longitude: 46.740787
Title: Schäfer
Latitude: 51.530196
Longitude: 46.614074
Title: Paulskaya
Latitude: 51.677616
Longitude: 46.687243
Title: Warenburg
Latitude: 50.926667
Longitude: 46.076000
Title: Kraft
Latitude: 50.481667
Longitude: 45.470000
Title: Kaneau
Latitude: 51.669412
Longitude: 46.772111
Title: Kukkus
Latitude: 51.090667
Longitude: 45.950167