Allendorf (Pastor)

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Allendorf (Pastor)
Аллендорфъ (Pastor)
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The Rev. Johann Michael Karl Allendorf, son of butcher Johann Michael Allendorf, was born 16 September 1775 in the German village of Buttstädt near Weimar. He married Wilhelmine Stoll.

He studied theology at the University of Jena and was ordained 10 May 1804 in St. Petersburg. He served German Lutheran congregations in the following locations in Russia:

Orenburg (1804-1806)
Riebensdorf (1806-1822)
Tambow (1822-1824)
Yagodnaya Polyana (1824-1826)

He is the father of the Revs. Johann Wilhelm Michael Allendorf and Alexander Karl August Allendorf, and the grandfather of the Rev. Johannes Allendorf.

Alexander Karl August Allendorf served the congregations in Krasnoyar, Rosenheim, and Stahl am Karaman.

Johann Wilhelm Michael Allendorf served the congregation in Kukkus.

Johannes Allendorf served the congregations in Eckheim and Friedenfeld.



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