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Aman (Walter)
Amen (Walter)
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Christian Amend, son of Johann Georg Am End & Anna Margaretha Kempff, was born 18 January 1727 in Aulebach near Eschau [today called Unteraulenbach]. At that time, this area belonged to the region of Erbach, but following the Napoleonic Wars it became part of Bayern (Bavaria). Christian married on 26 January 1751 in nearby Wildensee to Anna Margaretha Damm, daughter of Peter Damm & Anna Margaretha Müller. Anna Margaretha Damm had been born 2 August 1727 in Wildensee. They had 3 children: (1) Georg Adam, born 19 February 1752; (2) Anna Katharina, born 26 October 1753, died 5 November 1753; (3) Anna Katharin, born in 1754.

Anna Margaretha Damm died 11 November 1754 and Christian Amend remarried on 13 May 1755 to Anna Margaretha Müller, daughter of Hans Caspar Müller and Anna Maria Gertraud Weyerich. She had been born on 25 January 1730 also in Wildensee. They had the following children whose births are recorded in Wildensee: (1) Bartholomäus, born 26 March 1756, baptized 28 March 1756; (2) Andreas, born 20 December 1757, baptized 21 December 1757; (3) Johann Michael, born 28 October 1759, died as an infant; (4) Johann Michael, born 1 December 1761, died as an infant; (5) Anna Magdalena, born 26 January 1763; and (6) Johann Michael, born 10 August 1765.

Christian Amend, a farmer, his wife Margaretha, and children (Georg [Adam], age 18; Bartel, age 14; Katharina, age 12; Andreas, age 10; Magdalena, age 5½) arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 14 September 1766 aboard a ship under the command of Skipper Reders. They settled in the Volga German colony of Walter on 25 August 1767. Christian Ament is recorded on the 1767 census of Walter in Household No. 12.

Widower Christian Amendt and his family are recorded on the 1767 census of Walter in Household No. Wt069. Peter Amendt, presumed to be the son of Christian Amendt, and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Walter in Household No. Wt114.

Before 1788, the Amen family moved to Frank. Andreas Amendt from Walter and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Frank in Household No. Fk019.

Peter Amend [sic] and his sons (Ludwig Friedrich & Konrad) are recorded on the 1811 census of Walter along with a note that they relocated to the colony of Karras in the [North] Caucasus in 1810.

In 1796, Johann Adam Amen moved from Walter to Hussenbach. Johann Adam Amen from Walter is recorded on the 1798 census of Hussenbach in Household No. Hs068.


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Entry from the parish register of Aulebach near Eschau recording the birth of Christian Amend on 18 January 1727.
Source: Karl Becker.

Entry from the parish register of Wildensee recording the marriage of Christian Amend to his second wife Anna Margaretha Müller on 13 May 1755.
Source: Karl Becker.

Entry from the parish register of Wildensee recording the birth of Andreas Amend on 20 December 1757 and his subsequent baptism on the following day.
Source: Karl Becker.

Entry from the 1767 census of Walter recording the Christian Amend family in Household No. 12.
Source: Karl Becker.

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