Filbert (Schilling)

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Filbert (Schilling)
Pfilbert (Schilling)
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Johann Peter Pfilbert was born on 27 September 1708 in Gronau, northeast of Frankfurt am Main. He married in Gronau on 25 August 1733 to Anna Maria Stock (born 8 November 1716).

They and their children (4 sons & 2 daughters) immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), arriving in Fridericia on 2 November 1759. Father Johann Peter died on 21 May 1761 in the colony of Thoring.

His sons Johann Georg & Johann Nikolaus immigrated to Schilling and are recorded there on the 1775 census in Households No. 4 & 5. 

The 1798 census of Beideck records Konrad Filbert from Schilling in Household No. Bd94.

The 1834 census of Beideck records that Philipp Peter & Nikolaus Filbert, sons of Konrad, relocated to the colony of Grimm in 1834.

Filbert Family in Sarepta
Two Fillbert [sic] sisters, daughters of Johann Conrad Fillbert & Maria Catharina Rutz, moved from Beideck to Sarepta on 6 September 1794: (1) Anna Catharina, born 5 December 1783 [other sources record 27 November 1783] in Beideck [she later married Pastor Johann Martin Otto]; (2) Anna Margaretha, born 18 May 1787 in Beideck. They were joined by a cousin from Schilling on 18 June 1801: Maria Elisabeth Fillbert, daughter of Johann Philipp Fillbert & Anna Margaretha Kerber, born 25 March 1782 in Schilling.


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Sarepta research provided by Karl Becker.


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