Heidel (Messer)

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Heidel (Messer)
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Christian Heidel, a craftsman (Handwerker), his wife Dorothea, and children (Dorothea Katharina, age 16; Friedrich, age 14; Johann Martin, age 11½; Johann Benjamin, age 10½) are recorded on the 1767 census of Grimm in Household No. 32.

Widow Dorothea Heidel and her three sons are recorded on an appendix to the 1775 census of Grimm in Household No. 2.

At some point, this family relocated to the colony of Messer where Friedrich is recorded on the 1798 census in Household No. Ms16 and Benjamin in Household No. Ms67.

In 1788, Martin Heidel moved from Messer to Huck where he is recorded on the 1798 census in Household No. Hk45.

The 1767 census records that Christian Heidel came from the German region of Sachsen (Saxony).


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