Jung (Ernestinendorf)*

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Jung (Ernestinendorf)*
Юнгъ (Ernestinendorf)*
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Johann Heinrich Jung was born 5 March 1734 in Staufenberg. He married there on 18 January 1759 to Anna Maria Heibertshausen, the widow of Caspar Schwarz. She had been baptized there on 23 September 1731. They had three children, all in Staufenberg: (1) Johannes, born 16 January 1760; (2) Johann Magnus, baptized 26 January 1762; and (3) Johann Caspar, baptized 3 June 1764.

When they got married, Anna Maria Heibertshausen already had three children by the Schwarz husband: (1) Maria Margretha, born 13 June 1753; (2) Johann Heinrich, born 8 October 1755; and (3) Johann Ludwig, born 17 August 1757.

The combined Jung/Schwarz family immigrated to Russia arriving from Lübeck in Oranienbaum on 12 September 1766 aboard the English frigate Love & Unity under the command of skipper Thomas Fairfax.

Joh. Heinrich Jung, his wife Anna Maria, and children (Heinrich [Schwartz], age 14; Henrietta [Margaretha Schwartz], age 13; Ludwig [Schwartz], age 11; Johannes, age 9; Magnus, age 5) are recorded on the list of colonists being transported from St. Petersburg to Saratov in 1767 along with a note that son Johannes died en route.

The youngest Jung son (Johann Caspar) evidently died while they wintered in Oranienbaum because he is not on the transport from Oranienbaum to the Volga colonies the following spring. The oldest Jung son, Johannes died during the trip from Oranienbaum. The parents, son Magnus Jung, and the three Schwarz stepchildren arrived on 3 August 1767 in Ernestinendorf where they are recorded on the 1767 Census in Household No. 30.

In 1768, they relocated to the colony of Biberstein. Ludwig & Heinrich Schwartz are still living in Biberstein in Households No. Bb37 & Bb40, respectively, on the 1798 Census.

This Jung family does not appear to have any surviving male descendant lines.


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