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Matthaus Körbel, son of Urban Körbel & Catharina Branter, was born 10 February 1639 in Schlander (Tirol). He married on 10 February 1662 in Eschau to Anna Catharina Bolender, daughter of Peter Bohlender & Margaretha Kasch. She had been born 19 March 1646 in Eichelsbach.

The births of 13 children born to Matthaus Körbel & Anna Catharina Bolender are recorded in the parish register of Eschau: (1) Michael, born May 1663 in Hofstetten; (2) Anna, born September 1664 in Hofstetten; (3) Hans, born February 1666 in Hofstetten; (4) Anna Catharina, born December 1667 in Hofstetten; (5) Henrich, born 1 August 1669 in Hofstetten; (6) Margretha, born July 1671 in Hofstetten, died 18 April 1695; (7) Adam, born August 1673 in Hofstetten, died 25 September 1694; (8) Marcus, born 16 July 1675 in Hofstetten, died 20 December 1751 in Altheim; (9) Margretha, born August 1677 in Hofstetten; (10) Christina Magdalena, born 14 July 1679 in Babenhausen, died 26 May 1680; (11) Mathaeus, born 17 April 1681 in Hofstetten, died 10 November 1750 [in Schlierbach]; (12) Susanna, born 1683, died 1771; and (13) Andreas, born 16 June 1687 in Hofstetten.

(1) Marcus Körbler, born 16 July 1675 in Hofstetten married in Altheim to Anna Elisabetha Müller from Hergershausen.

The births of four children to Marcus Körbler & Anna Elisabeth Müller are recorded in the parish register of Altheim: (1) Johann Adam, born 4 August 1705, died 12 December 1783 [in Altheim]; (2) Anna Clara, born 24 July 1708, died 30 August 1763; (3) Anna Elisabetha, born 10 February 1718, died 25 October 1799; and (4) Johann Velten [sic], born 11 December 1721.

Valentin Körbler married in Sickenhofen on 19 August 1749 to Anna Margaretha Kilian, daughter of Leonhard Kilian. She had been born 15 April 1729 in Sickenhofen.

The Altheim Familienbuch records that they had 6 children: (1) Johann Nickel, born 3 April 1750; (2) Johann Adam, born 16 July 1754; (3) Johann Valentin, born 26 September 1756 [died as a child]; (4) Susanna Catharina, born 22 November 1757; (5) Anna Barbara, born 14 January 1760; and (6) Elisabetha, born 30 May 1764. There is a notation in the Familienbuch that they left for Russia on 25 June 1766.

Valentin Körbel, a farmer, his wife Maria, and children (Johann, age 17; Adam, age 13; Susanna, age 10; Barbara, age 7; Elisabeth, age 2) arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 14 September 1766 aboard a ship under the command of Skipper Reders.

Valentin Kerbel, his wife Maria and children (Hanns Georg, age 17; Susanna, age 17; Johann Adam, age 13; Anna Barbara, age 7; Elisabeth, age 3) are recorded on the list of colonists being transported from St. Petersburg to Saratov in 1767.

They settled in the Volga German colony of Hussenbach.

Oldest son Nikolaus Körbel and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Hussenbach in Household No. Hs112; son Johann Adam Körbel is recorded in Household No. Hs021.The Oranienbaum passenger list records that Valentin Körbel came from the German region of Hanau.

(2) Andreas Kerbel, born 16 June 1687 in Hofstetten married Maria Barbara Raab. She had been born 28 September 1690.

The birth of Adam Kerbel, son of Andreas Kerbel & Maria Barbara Raab, is recorded in Hofstetten on 13 September 1711.

Adam Kerbel married in Höchst on 23 July 1759  to Anna Catharina Reichert.

The births of two children to Adam Kerbel & Anna Catharina Reichert are recorded in the parish register of Hofstetten: (1) Maria Barbara, born in 1760; and (2) Johann Adam, born 6 April 1762.

Adam Kerber [sic], a farmer, his wife Katharina, and children (Maria Barbara, age 7; Johann, age 5) arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 10 August 1766 aboard the Russian pink Vologda under the command of Lieutenant Sergey Bartenyev.

Widow Anna Katharina Kerber [sic] and son Johann Adam (age 7) are recorded on the 1767 census of Grimm in Household No. 84.

Sometime before 1816, Johann Adam Kerbel moved to the colony of Grimm where he is recorded on the 1834 census in Household No. 66. A note on the 1834 census records that Johann Jakob Kerbel moved from Grimm to Basel in 1819, but he and his family are recorded on the 1834 census of Schaffhausen in Household No. 112.

Georg Jakob Kerbel from Grimm and his family are recorded on the 1857 census of Oberdorf in Household No. 60.

Both the Oranienbaum passenger list and the 1767 census record that this Kerber family came from the German region of Erbach.

Urban Körbel was a blacksmith who came to the Eschau area from the village of Schlander in the Tirol region. Today, Schandler is located in Italy, but at the time that Urban lived there it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


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Entry of the Körbler Family in the parish register of Altheim.
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