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Jacob Klaassen, son of Dirk Klaassen (1765-1843) & Anna Penner (1769-1824), was born 15 March 1793 in Fürstenwerder, Gross Werder, Prussia. He married 10 February 1818 to Helena Hamm, daughter of Martin Hamm (1746-1825) & Barbara Fröse (1760-1807). She was born 26 April 1793 in nearby Peterhagenfeld, Gross Werder.

Jacob, Helena, and their children moved Russia in 1856. The parents settled in Köppental where they are listed in Household No. 9 on the 1857 Census. Their son Martin and his family settled in Hahnsau where they are listed in Household No. 20 on the 1857 Census.

Peter Klassen, son of Jacob Klassen & Katharina Wiens, was born 15 October 1813 in Prussia. Adalbert Goertz reports that he was from Kocielitzke by Marienberg, Prussia. He married 10 February 1852 to Gertruda Toews who was born 20 October 1816 in Prussia. They moved in 1852 to the Molotschna colony of Pordenau. On the 1857 Census of Hahnsau living in Household No. 21.

The village of Fürstenwerder is today located in Poland and known by the name of Żuławki.


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