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There are two Legler families from Weiler who immigrated to Russia:

(1) Johann Leonhard Legler, son of Hanß Jerg & Maria Magdalena Legler, was born 25 January 1707 & baptized 1 February 1707 in Weiler.

He first married in Weiler on 17 November 1733 to Anna Sabina Rothans, daughter of Johann Ludwig Rothans. At some point, he married a second time to Elisabeth who died 22 January 1748. He married a third time on 2 July 1748 in Weiler to Maria Elisabeth Gruber, daughter of Christoph Gruber.

The baptisms of the following children born to Johann Leonhard Legler are recorded in the parish register of Weiler: (1) Rosina, baptized 26 March 1742; (2) Anna Maria, baptized 27 May 1743, died 10 June 1743; (3) Christina, baptized 4 January 1748, died 22 January 1748; (4) Johannes, baptized 27 April 1749; (5) Johann Leonhard, baptized in October 1753; (6) Maria Barbara, baptized 24 November 1756; (7) Christoph Friedrich, baptized in November 1757; and (8) Christian Balthasar, baptized 28 December 1761.

Leonhard Legler, his wife Elisabeth, and children (Johannes, age 14; Maria Barbara, age 6; Christian, age 1½) moved to Denmark (now Schleswig-Holstein) arriving in Flensburg on 12 June 1762. They took an oath to King Friedrich of Denmark on 19 July 1762. They settled in the Westscheide on 5 August 1763. They are last recorded in the Danish colonies on 22 April 1765.

They immigrated to Russia, arriving in Reinwald on 14 July 1766 where they are recorded on the 1767 Census in Household No. 8.

(2) Georg Christoph Legler, son of Johann Martin Legler (23 December 1673 - 13 May 1737) and Anna Magdalena Berckindem, was born 13 April 1712 in Weiler, Württemberg.

He married 15 July 1738 in Weiler to Christina Magdalena Schock, daughter of Johann Adam Schock & Anna Barbara Bilger.

Christoph Legler, his wife Christina Schock, and children (Johann Jakob, age 23; Christoph Friedrich, age 20; Solomon, age 18; Karl, age 15; Johann Adam, age 12; Sophia Christina, age 10; Johann Georg, age 3) moved to Schleswig-Holstein (Denmark) arriving in Flensburg on 12 June 1762. Eventually on 8 November 1764 they settled in the colony of Westscheide.

Christoph and his family then immigrated to Russia, arriving in Dönhof on 21 July 1766. They are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 47 and their son Solomon (baptized 21 April 1745 in Weiler) and his family are recorded in Household No. 49.

Karl Legler and his family are recorded on the 1775 census of Grimm in Household No. 62.

The widow and children of Solomon Legler are recorded on the 1798 census of Dönhof in Household No. Dh003.

Michael Legler, son of Solomon Legler, and his family are recorded on the 1834 census of Franzosen in Household No. 30 along with a note that son Johann Jakob Legler has relocated to the colony of Bauer.

Johann Jakob Legler from Franzosen and his family are recorded on the 1834 census of Bauer in Household No. 27.

This Legler line has been traced back to Hans Burkhard Legler who was born about 1625 and died 6 March 1661 in Weiler, Württemberg.


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