Lei / Ley (Schilling)

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Lei (Schilling)
Ley (Schilling)
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Friedrich Christoph Carl Ley, son of master baker Johann Heinrich Ley & Maria Dorothea Rühl, was born on 24 December 1739 in Gelnhausen, east northeast of Frankfurt.

Carl and his wife Anna immigrated to Russia, arriving from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 4 July 1766 aboard the frigate Love & Unity under the command of Thomas Fairfax.

Karl Lei/Ley, his wife Elisabeth, and their children (Philipp Jakob, age 6¾; Katharina Margaretha, age 3¼) are on an appendix to the 1775 census of the Volga German colony of Schilling in Household No. 1. Notes accompanying the 1775 census record that Kaspar Lei is a weaver, but that he has been unable to work because of illness. He has lost the toes on both feet, but walks well.

They are also listed on the 1798 Census in Household No. Sg061.


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