Matthias (Urbach)

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Matthias (Urbach)
Матіасъ (Urbach)
Mattias (Urbach)
Mathias (Urbach)
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An article by Hermann Wäschke records the following going to Russia:

Gottlieb Mattheus/Matheus (both spellings on p.88), with wife (née Pussker from Rehsen) and 2 children (one son & one daughter, the oldest being 3-years-old), from Rehsen, having moved there from Saxony. His debt-ridden house was bought by Christian Schulze. They left their house, sold by pulbic auction as notified in the weekly paper. Mattheus/Matheus is one of the two husbands cited who has abandoned his wife and two children. He married his wife in 1762 and took over his mother-in-law's house, but since that time, he had lived dissolutely.

Gottlieb Matthias, a farmer, his wife Katharina, and children (Maria Sophia, age 5; Gottlieb, age 2½) arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 15 September 1766 aboard the Danish galliot Nord Stern under the command of Skipper Detlev Belling.

Gottlieb Mathias, his wife Maria Catarina, and children (Maria Sophia, age 5; Gottlieb, age 2½; Johann Christian, born en route) are recorded on the list of colonists who were transported from St. Petersburg to Saratov in 1767 with a note that father Gottlieb died en route.

Widow Maria Katharina remarried to Johann Heinrich Krämer. The combined Krämer / Matthias families are recorded on the 1767 census of Urbach in Household No. 53. They had settled in Urbach on 3 July 1767.

The Oranienbaum passenger list records that Gottlieb Matthias came from the German region of Sachsen (Saxony).


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