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Johannes Niederhausen, son of Ullerich Niederhausen & Barbara Sperzel, married in Mottgers on 10 July 1742 to Anna Maria Lindemann

Oswald Niederhausen, son of Johannes Niederhausen & Anna Maria Lindemann, was baptized in Mottgers on 17 May 1752.

Jakob Kaufmann, a farmer, his wife Anna, and [step-]son Oswald [Niederhausen] arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 8 August 1766. Later documents confirm Oswald's surname as Niederhausen.

Oswald [Niederhausen], [step-]son of Jakob Kaufmann, is recorded there on the 1767 census of Huck in Household No. 1 along with the family of Johannes Huck. They had arrived in Huck on 1 July 1767. The 1767 census does not record a relationship between the Kaufmann/Niederhausen and Huck families.

Orphan Oswald Niederhaus[en] (age 24) is recorded on the 1775 census of Huck in Household No. 15 along with the Johannes Huck family.

Oswald Niederhausen and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Huck in Household No. Hk88.

Oswald Niederhausen and his family are recorded on the 1811 census of Huck in Household No. 88.

The death of Oswald Niederhausen in 1816 is recorded on the 1834 census of Huck in Household No. 23.

The 1857 census of Huck has some of the descendants of this family using the surname Niederhaus. Some descendant lines have used this spelling in North and South America.

[This surname appears in various records as Niederhaus, Niederhauhs, Niederhauser, Nierderhaus, Neiderhaus, and Niederhouse.]


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