Paulÿ (Schaffhausen)

Spelling Variations: 
Paulÿ (Schaffhausen)
Pauli (Schaffhausen)
Pauly (Schaffhausen)
Settled in the Following Colonies: 
Discussion & Documentation: 

Katharina Paulÿ (age 12), an orphan, is recorded on the appendix to the 1767 census of Nieder-Monjou in Household No. 134 along with a note that she relocated to the colony of Schaffhausen in 1768.

The 1767 census records that Katharina Paulÿ came from the German region of Nassau-Siegen.

There are no known surviving male descendants of this Paulÿ family among the Volga German colonies.


- Pleve, Igor. Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-1767 Band 3 (Göttingen: Göttinger Arbeitskreis, 2005): 226.


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