Steinpreis (Balzer / Franzosen)

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Steinpreis (Balzer / Franzosen)
Штейнпрейсъ (Balzer / Franzosen)
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Three Steinpreis families, travelling together, immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein) arriving in the city of Schleswig on 15 May 1762. Their relationship to each other, if any, requires additional research.

(1) Friedrich Steinpreis, a farmer, his wife, and two children are last recorded in the Danish colonies on 10 June 1763. They joined the migration to Russia.

(2) Friedrich Steinpreis, a farmer, and his wife Eva settled in the Volga German colony of Franzosen on 16 May 1766 where they are recorded on the 1767 census in Household No. 39 along with a note that they are living with their son-in-law, Etienne Dehn in Household No. 38.

(3) Peter Steinpreis, a farmer, settled in the Volga German colony of Balzer on 28 March 1766. He is recorded there on the 1767 census in Household No. 35 along with his [new] wife, Elisabeth [Kolb, daughter of Wilhelm Kolb & Anna Christina Rudolph. She had been baptized 23 May 1747 in Feudenheim.]

He also came from Denmark, and while it is not recorded whether he is the son of Friedrich Steinpreis or one of the other families that moved to Denmark, based upon the ages of the men in the other Steinpreis families, he is believed to be the son of Friedrich.

The 1767 census records that Friedrich Steinpress [sic] came from the German region of Württemberg. The 1767 census records that Peter Steinpreis came from the German region of the Kurpfalz.


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