Behning, Liborius Eduard Herbord


Pastor Liborius Eduard Herbord Behning, son of Pastor Georg Behning & Mathilda Paulina Kruger, was born 3 December 1862 in Sarata (Bessarabia) and died 26 March 1933 in Saratov. He studied theology at the University of Dorpat (Estonia), served a vicorage under Pastor Günther in Beideck, and was ordained on 18 October 1888 in Odessa.

He married on 20 April 1889 to Beata Asmus, daughter of Jakob Asmus & Rosalia Rothermel. They were the parents of Arvid Behning, a famous zoologist, and Beata Behning (born 1899) who was married to Pastor Arthur Julius Kluck.

Pastor Behning served the following parishes:

Beideck (1887-1888)
Messer (1889-1891)
Galka (1889-1901)
Saratov, St. Mary's Lutheran Church (1901-1926)
Sarepta (1926-1928)
Astrakhan (1928-1931)

In May 1931, the 69-year-old pastor and his wife were arrested. He fell ill with pneumonia, and suffered a heart attack. He was released for heath reasons later in 1931.  He died on 26 March 1933 in Saratov.


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Entry from the parish register of Sarata recording the birth of Pastor Behning.

Student Liborius Behning.

Pastor Liborius Eduard Herbord.

Pastor & Mrs. Behning.