Döll, Alexander


Preacher Alexander Döll was born on 27 June 1871 in Katharinenstadt to Jakob and Elisabeth née Loos Döll. He died on 27 October 1931 after eight months of suffering in prison in Atkarsk, Russia.

He was confirmed by Pastor Theophil Keller on 31 May 1886. In 1891, he married Maria Sablefeld.

Mr. Döll was trained as a teacher and served the schools in Philippsfeld, Beideck, Strassburg, and Wiesenmüller. After working in Wiesenmüller for 14 years, the colony could no longer aford to pay a pastor, so he was ordained as a preacher by Pastor Fritzler. He served as the preacher/pastor for the parish of Wiesenmüller for 12 additional years before being arrested in 1930.


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