Keller, Friedrich "Heinrich" Wilhelm


[There are two Lutheran pastors with the name Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Keller. This one went by the name "Heinrich." Some documents erroneously refer to this Pastor Keller as Ferdinand Heinrich Wilhelm Keller.]

Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Keller, son of Heinrich Wilhelm Adolf Keller, was born 10 December 1850 in Hapsal, Estonia. He went by Heinrich Keller. He died in 23 July 1826 in the Lichterfelde neighborhood of Berlin. He was married to Martha Schück (1846-1917).

Pastor Keller was ordained 30 April 1889 in Katharinenfeld (Caucasus).

He served the Lutheran parish in Katharinenfeld (Caucasus) from 1889-1892 and the parish in Sarepta in 1892-1894. He was then sent to the troubled parish in Riebensdorf where he served from 1894-1897.

While in Riebensdorf, a local leader named Dederer leveled 40 accusations against Pastor Keller. The Moscow Consistory sent a 3-man panel (Superintendent Evert, a lawyer, and a protocol officer) to review the accusations. All accusations were found to be groundless, but Pastor Keller retired nevertheless.


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Pastor Friedrich "Heinrich" Wilhelm Keller (1882).
Source: Peter Schidlowsky.