Löbsack, Heinrich


Heinrich Löbsack [also Lebsack / Lebsak], son of Johann Friedrich Löbsack & Anna Margaretha Lesser, was born 1 May 1870 in the Volga German colony of Frank. He married there on 20 November 1888 to Maria Katharina Löbsack, daughter of Konrad Löbsack & Margaretha Hoff. She had been born in Frank on 8 February 1868. They had 5 children; among them Amalia Löbsack Galladazhev [see her individual entry].

Heinrich Löbsack was a Seventh-Day Adventist ordained minister and served as a missionary in many terroitories of Russia and the former Soviet Union. At several times, he served as the president of various ministerial and missionary structures within the Seventh-Day Adventist organization in Asiatic Russia, primarily in Kazakhstan and Siberia.

Pastor Löbsack was arrested in 1934 in Auliye-Ata during one of the sweeps of non-Russian clergy, convicted of anti-Soviet crimes, and soon thereafter died in custody.


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