Michaelis, Michael D.


Michael D. Michaelis, son of Walter Augustin "W.A." Michaelis & Margaret Louise "Peggy Lou" Roberts, is the president and CEO of Enterprise Bank of Wichita, Kansas. He was born in Russell, Kansas, and moved with his parents to Wichita when he was 8. The Michaelis banking history can be traced to his father, W.A. Michaelis, who originally acquired United American Bank & Trust, National Bank of Wichita, and Wichita State Bank among others in Kansas.

Mike Michaelis is an avid collector of art by Kansas artists.

Michael's Volga German ancestors come from the colony of Kratzke and Dobrinka.


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- Mike and Dee Michaelis (Wichita State University)

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Michael D. & Dee Michaelis.
Source: Wichita State University.

Mike Michaelis - largest Kansas art collection in the world.