Schembeck, Georg Joseph


Bishop Georg Joseph Schembeck was born in 1851. He studied theology at the Catholic Seminary in Saratov and was ordained in 1893. He served as the rector of the St. Clements Catholic Church in Saratov from 1893 to 1901 during which time he also taught at the seminary.

He is responsibility for the construction of the Catholic Church in Tsaritsyn (Volgograd) as well as the prayer house and school in Engels.

On 15 April 1901, he was appointed Bishop of Plotzk (today Płock in Poland) and was consecrated on 30 June 1901. On 9 November 1904, he became the Metropolitan of Mogilev (Belarus).

He died on 26 July 1905 in Porembe (today Szklarska Poręba in Poland).


- Schembeck Georg ( [Online]

Bishop Georg Joseph Schembeck.