Wagner, Christfried


The Rev. Christfried Wagner from St. Petersburg was born in 1897 (in Moscow according to some sources, in Chudovo in the Novgorod Province according to others).

He studied theology at the seminary in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Worked in several parishes in the Leningrad region. He was ordained in 1926, and served in St. Mary's Lutheran Church in Saratov beginning in 1926.

He was arrested 2 October 1930, convicted of anti-Soviet activities, and on 20 May 1931 sentenced to 5 years in prison in Arkhangelsk. He was released, but was arrested again on 27 July 1937. His final whereabouts are unknown.


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- Wagner Christfried (wolgadeutsche.ru) [Online]

Pastor Christfried Wagner.
Source: wolgadeutsche.ru