Trekovka Khutor

Trekovka Khutor
Trekowka Chutor
Трековка Хутор

Trekovka Khutor is a farmstead located north of Rybushka on the Bergseite (west side of the Volga River). It was founded and inhabited by Volga German families from colonies in the area.

This daughter colony was located outside of the Volga German Republic that existed from 1924 to 1941.

Hattie Plum Williams records that there was one person living in Lincoln, Nebraska, who came from Trekovka Khutor.

Today, nothing remains of the former Trekovka Khutor.


There was no known religious building in this colony.


- Williams, Hattie Plum. A Social Study of the Russian German. Thesis. (Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska, 1916): 12.

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