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In 1893, a group of Volga Germans living in southern Russell County, Kansas, organized Ebenezer German Methodist Church (sometimes called Ebenezer German Methodist Episcopal Church). Pastor H. S. Humfeld was the organizing pastor. The charter of the "German Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church of Lincoln Township, Russell County, Kansas" was issued on 13 November 1894. It was signed by Friedrich Ebel, Samuel DeWald, Adam Mai, August Reinhardt, and George Kindsvater.

On 14 November 1894, Henry & Katharina Elisabeth Krug donated land (NW 1/4 of 3-15-14W) for the building of a church structure. It was located 7.5 miles south of Russell on what today is Highway 281 and one mile west. In 1895, a 24' x 36' wood-frame building was constructed. An entry hall and steeple were added later. A parsonage was built in 1900.

The congregation disbanded in 1928 and the building was sold. It was moved to WaKeeney the next year and converted into a service station.

The former members of Ebenezer joined St. John's Lutheran Church in Russell or the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Pastors & Priests: 

The congregation of Ebenezer German Methodist Church of Russell County, Kansas, was served by the following pastors:

H. S. Humfeld (organizing pastor)
William Stein (1896-1900)
Charles Koerner (1900-1904)
H. Hirt (1904-1905)
John Haller (1905-1909)
Otto Gneich (1909-1914)
G. F. Meyer
John Shue
Walter Berg
Pastor Hetzel
Pastor Sponholz
Pastor Sandereker
Pastor Ross
Pastor Scheu (1927-1928)


- Ebenezer German Methodist Church, Russell Co., Kansas, by Ruth Wolfe (manuscript from the Trinity Methodist Church of Russell, Kansas, historical collection via Jerry Michel).


Ebenezer German Methodist Church, rural Russell Co., Kansas.
Source: Jerry Michel.

Historical manuscript of Ebenezer German Methodist Church
by Ruth Wolfe
Source: Jerry Michel