Immanuel Evangelical Church - Fort Morgan

Immanuel Evanglical Church was founded as the German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Church on 25 March 1916 and was incorporated on 8 May 1916.
Charter members of the congregation included:

Peter Ruppel, Sr.
Fred Kembel, Sr.
George Brandt, Sr.
David Neb, Sr.
George Ruppel, Jr.
Gottfried Sagel
Adam Fisher
George Neb
Jacob Loose
Henry Wolfe, Sr.
David Meyer
David Sagel, Sr.
Jacob Schlothauer, Sr.
Fred D. Weimer, Sr.
Henry Brandt, Sr.
Henry Kauffman

Other early leaders of the congregation included:

Karl Meng
David Boehm

A new church building was begun in 1974 and dedicated on 15 June 1975.

Known today as Immanuel Evanglical Church, the congregation has been affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) since 1986.


318 W. Seventh Ave.
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Pastors & Priests: 

Immanuel Evangelical Church has been served by the following pastors:

Albert Plenning 1916-1922
Bob Tolson

Immanuel Congregational Church in Fort Morgan, Colorado
Source: Directory of Religious Properties: Colorado State Register of Historic Places.

Immanuel Congregational Church Bell Tower (1983)
Source: Congregational website.