Saint Paul Congregational Church - Pine Island

In 1901, St. Peter Lutheran Church was formed by the Volga Germans who settled in the area. In 1912, a group of members from St. Peter's desired a more Bible-based faith practice, and split to form St. Paul Congregational Church. It was located just a half mile south of St. Peter's on Little Brooklyn Road.

During the tenure of the Rev. Lowden, the congregation became part of the Bible Protestant Conference and was released from the Congregational Church Association. During the tenure of Rev. Chapman, the congregation changed its name to St. Paul's Bible Church. Today, it is known as Pine Island Bible Church.


Pine Island Bible Church
9 Little Brooklyn Rd.
Warwick, NY 10990-2226
Phone: 914.458.2092
Pastors & Priests: 

St. Paul's congregation has been served by the following pastors:

Pastor Schaff (1912-1914)
Pastor Grob (1914-1918)
Pastor Heirholtz (1918-1921)
Pastor Meyer (1921-1923)
Pastor Muller (1923-1927)
Pastor Schneider (1927-1932)
Pastor Otto (1932-1935)
Pastor Heirholtz (1935-1939)
Pastor Schwartz (1939-1942)
Pastor Dodzuweit (1942-1947)
Pastor Rudolph Buss (1948-1951)
Pastor Meberling (1951-1952)
Pastor John W. VanderGroef (1953-1958)
Pastor Allan Rasmussen (1958-1960)
Pastor Henry Mueller (1960-1964)
Pastor Elwood W. Lowden (1964-1968)
Pastor F. Chester Chapman (1968-?)
Pastor Dan Boyce (1995-2010)
Pastor John Lashuay (2010-)

- "Pine Island church has new pastor." The Warwick Advertiser (8 July 2012).

St. Paul Congregational Church
Pine Island, New York

Pine Island Bible Church
Pine Island, New York